Taylor Gang's Berner claims he's being discriminated against by one of America's leading financial institutions due to his cannabis businesses. 

Berner took to Instagram over the weekend to air out Wells Fargo after banking with them for over 19 years. The rapper explained that he tried opening up a bank account with the company for his clothing store on Melrose but was ultimately denied for the third time. Berner seems to believe that Wells Fargo denied him due to his cannabis-related work. However, he said that none of his cannabis-related businesses go through Wells Fargo.

"I been banking with @wellsfargo for 19 years !!!! Never and I mean never have I done any marijuana related business here , I’ve banked my regular working checks as a kid , my music money , my clothing money and my merchandise money here . Today they denied me opening an account for my clothing store on melrose for the 3rd time and don’t have enough balls to tell me why , different excuse each time," he wrote.

In retaliation to the discrimination he faced from the bank, he said that he's taking out the "millions of dollars" he has with Wells Fargo. However, he addressed the issue at large which is the lack of financial services for cannabis-industry entrepreneurs. He said that all the money he makes off of cannabis is banked through weird credit unions.

"My businesses have millions of dollars here ! I’m taking it out !!! I’m so sick of being discriminated against ! I paid 2.8 million in taxes last year ! I bank all my marijuana money with weird credit unions ! California open your eyes ! You want all the taxes but can’t get us real banking , and the sad thing is this is for FUCKING CLOTHING!!!!!!!! Idiots ! Wells Fargo can SUCK ME."

Peep the post below.