Berner Has Come A Long Way From Rolling "Bammer Weed" With Walgreens Receipts

Devin Ch
November 29, 2018 17:06

Berner joins us for the latest episode of "How To Roll."

Berner's reputation speaks for itself - before he even got his feet wet as a rapper, "Uncle Bern" was a key player in the nascent cannabis industry, helping formulate the most requested offshoot of the Girl Scout strain. But that's not we came here to discuss. The "Uncle Bern" is just an endearing nickname that's taken on a life of its own. It's actually the preferred manner in which Berner rolls his spliffs, with three to seven grams of designer weed on hand.

Before Berner started listing off the "Uncle Bern" steps, he reflected on his all-time low as a smoker. The story took place some time ago outside a Walgreens in Arizona. The main variables in the story are Berner, his friend, their bammer weed, and "not having rolling papers" to complete the task. So Berner had the bright idea waltz into Walgreens, buy something insignificant, and roll the joint with the receipt accompanying his purchase. After two consecutive rolls, it became abundantly clear to Berner and his friend that ink blots on receipts are probably not the best thing to ingest.

As for the instructions to the "Uncle Bern," they go as follows: grab two papes, lined them up together, then rip about half an inch of paper off one side. Keep in mind, you won't be using a filter to roll this joint. The next step is pretty standard, you lick the wax part, but you need to be calculated when you do it.

Once the weed is crumbled and parted, you can start packing it down with your pinky. You must be able to fit your thumb within the circumference of the joint. If you can't then it ain't an "Uncle Bern." The finished product should resemble a rectangular prism, and if you're smoking anything from Berners' private stock, mental preparation might be in order; Berner said so himself.

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