Who thought we would be talking about Benzino in 2021? The early 2000s artist, who has made a much better living as a businessman and reality TV star, stepped into the New Year with beef on his mind. Obviously trying to gain some attention via the popular Verzuz circuit, Benzino took shots at Royce Da 5'9. 'Zino was under the impression that he could get a battle going between him and Royce, although the latter laughed off the idea

The real issue began with Benzino taking aim at Eminem, yet again. Every time Eminem comes back out with new music, 'Zino feels some type of way (most likely still bitter from their beef). Benzino brought out years of hostility against Em, which earned him a response from Royce. It was from there that this Verzuz idea began to rumble around Benzino's mind. 

Joyner Lucas hopped into the internet squirmish as well. "Man dis clown tried to inbox me a few months ago tryna VERZUS battle me too," Lucas wrote along with a crying emoji. "Idk what nursing home he escaped from but they needa find him and bring him back ASAP."

Now, Benzino is firing back at Joyner. In a string of tweets, the Love & Hip Hop star went in, threatening to come for Joyner's head. "@joynerlucas to I will fuck u up u keep speaking my name. You got on warning Pussy," Benzino wrote. " Yea I went in your dms because your musics trash like @royceda59 U got me fucked up I’ll have u touched fuckboi," he continued. Do you think Benzino is just looking for some clout? And how long will this internet feud keep up?