Late last year, it was revealed that Benzino was facing up to fifteen years in prison for a handful of drug charges. The former Love & Hip-Hop star was caught with over twenty grams of THC gummies, six MDMA tabs, and less than an ounce of weed, leading to his arrest. The arrest took place in January 2017 and finally, a conclusion has been reached with Benzino reaching a plea deal.

According to TMZ, the music producer has learned his fate in court after a sentence was handed down this morning. Benzino pled guilty to all three charges that he was facing and as a result, he will not be spending any time in prison. However, he'll need to be very careful because he was sentenced to two years of probation. On top of that, he was fined $500 with additional surcharges. 

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Zino copped a deal in court that has allowed him to avoid any jail time. He recently said that he believed his arrest was tainted with racism, telling the tabloid that he would be fighting hard in court. It appears as though he had a change of heart and is satisfied settling with a couple of years probation.

Benzino was in the news over the holidays as he feuded with his baby's mother, publicly accusing her of "ruining" Christmas by taking their kid away from him.