In case you missed it, former Love & Hip-Hop star, Benzino is facing a possible 15 years in prison following an arrest last year in Georgia for felony drug charges. Benzino was arrested in January 2017 after police executed a search warrant on his Atlanta apartment and found a slew of drugs, including THC oil gummies, 6 MDMA pills and less than an ounce of weed.

However despite the drugs being found, Benzino believes racism is the driving force behind the lawsuit. The former Love & Hip-Hop star took to his social media to say how Cobb County, where his arrest occurred, is one of the most racist counties in the country, and they didn't have the right to search his apartment.

“It's in Cobb county, Georgia. Do your homework. Cobb County, Georgia is one of the most racists counties, not just in Georgia, but in America,” Benzino said before going on to talk about how the search warrant wasn’t legal.

Benzino says he’s been offered a couple different plea deals to settle the case, but he’s standing his ground. In fact, he says after he gets his trial, he’s going to get some revenge. “Im going to trial, Im gonna be exonerated. Then after that I’ma sue ‘em.”

Check out Benzino’s rant & comments (below). We’ll keep you posted more on this story when the trial begins.