Benny The Butcher has come a long way. While he's been consistently delivering quality music for years now, the Buffalo lyricist has recently seen his star rise considerably, to the point where he's collaborating with Drake and breaking bread with Jay-Z. And no matter how far he rises, The Butcher has continuously lived up to his own musical standards, with his most recent studio album The Plugs I Met 2 marking another stellar chapter of his catalog.

With his upcoming The Burden Of Plugs tour set to kick off this October, complete with stops in cities like Charlotte, Huntington, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sandiego, Las Vegas, and Denver, Benny will be warming up with a summer set at Rolling Loud Miami. Set to perform on Saturday, July 24th, it would appear that the festival has meant a great deal to The Butcher, who took to Twitter for a moment of reflection.

Benny The Butcher

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

"This is an accomplishment for me," he writes, sharing the entire Rolling Loud lineup. "They offered me this a few years ago I couldn’t take it now this year im gettin 10 times that amount...that’s the type of shit I be on." It's certainly a big flex from The Butcher, and while he didn't divulge exactly how much he's pulling per show, the fact that his rate has grown tenfold speaks to his status in the game. 

Check out Benny's latest post below, and look for The Butcher to hold it down this summer at Rolling Loud Miami. Will you be in attendance?