One of the many unfortunate side-effects of a COVID-19 era has been the noted absence of radio freestyles. As such, the amount of BARS we've received this year has been lower than ever before, much to the dismay of enthusiasts across the board. Luckily, the LA Leakers have decided to boldly trudge onward in the face of adversity, bringing Benny The Butcher into the fold for a pre-Burden Of Proof freestyle session.

At this point, it goes without saying that The Butcher is one of the game's most dominant lyricists, thus making him the perfect candidate for the revival of on-air freestyles -- shout out to the LA Leakers by the way, who never fail to connect with the game's deadliest lyricists. Taking to Jay-Z's classic "Dead Presidents," Benny wastes little time in delivering some impressive punchlines. "They want my take on social justice issues, I get that / but telling ya'll what ya'll wanna hear, nah I ain't with that," he spits. "A rapper post a meme, ya'll treat him like Dr. King / his record label pulling strings, they only want him to stream." 

The madness only continues. "The only rapper that would have thrived in the 2Pac era," he raps, comfortably in the zone. "I'm talking 98' drug money, shoebox era / I proved myself every tape and the proof got clearer." Between that and his "I shoot with no body round me like a penalty shot," it's clear that the Butcher isn't playing any games with this one. Check it out for yourself below, and stream Burden Of Proof when it arrives in full at midnight.