The years of grinding finally paid off for Griselda Records who are now BET Award nominees. Though the pandemic has put most events on hold, the BET Awards are still making sure that the artists who've been putting in work over the past twelve months still get their dues. Griselda is currently nominated for Best Group alongside Chloe x Halle, City Girls, EarthGang, JackBoys, and Migos.

Benny The Butcher hit the 'Gram this week where he shared some positivity for all of his fans as well as other artists who are beginning to get their foot in the door. Griselda built a grassroots in their years with their prolific catalog, though even as they've touched mainstream success, they haven't altered their approach to the game. Benny explained that their nomination proves that artists don't need to compromise their artistry to reach a wider audience.

"With no radio play, with no nothing.  With no big records. With none of that shit," he said. "Just culture. Just bars. Just music. Just emotion. You feel what I'm sayin'? Don't let these n***as tell you you gotta be like them to do what you need."

Whether Griselda takes home the award is yet to be determined but we'll find out on June 28th.