Fresh off of the release of The Plugs I Met 2, Benny The Butcher still has fans itching for more music, whether it's in the form of a new project or guest verses. The rapper recently revealed that the Drake collaboration is still set to be released in the future, though he didn't specify when. The Roc Nation signee has previously revealed his desire to work with Jay-Z which nearly came to fruition.

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The rapper paid a visit to Bootleg Kev's podcast where he discussed the possibilities of working with Jay-Z in the future. Kev described the potential collaboration as "inevitable" before adding that a verse from Hov isn't something that everyone gets. "I asked him, though," Benny admitted, "but that's nothing you can really ask for, though." He explained that Jay-Z is regularly available to him, and even if he doesn't get a 16 from Hov, there's always knowledge to be soaked up. "That deal at the NFL, I knew that before it happened. I was in the Roc Nation building. Someone said, 'Watch what happens on Thursday.' And then that Square shit happened," he explained, revealing that his contract was signed just before Jay-Z announced the deal with the NFL.

"His door is open, you know what I'm sayin'? So, it's a lot to be gained. I don't want him to be feeling that... that type, 'I just want the song' 'cause it ain't like that," he continued, revealing that he reached out to Emory about getting the Jay-Z verse. "What did he say? What did Hov tell me? I think he was going out of town," he said. "One time I flew out here. He had an idea of a song that he wanted to do with me and I flew out here to do a song with him but he was movin' around and doin' shit, you know what I'm sayin'? That's the fuckin' president times 10."

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Benny explained that he ended up missing Jay and never found out what the concept for the song would be but he said he's honored that Hov even kept him in mind for a track. "If Hov get on a song with me, he gon' give you an aesthetic of what he feel like the people want to hear on some street shit, I believe," he said, explaining that he would want Jay-Z to come through with a verse similar to what he'd offer someone like Pusha T or Jeezy.

Check out the clip below.