An invitation to Kanye West's sprawling Wyoming property seems to be the coveted request these days. Recently, Dave Chappelle and Dame Dash have visited Ye in Wyoming, and while their conversations remain private, it seemed as if Mr. West was happy to have his longtime friends there. Ye has often shared photos of himself on his vast property in the plains, and Benny The Butcher recently caught up with The Joe Budden Podcast to talk about what it was like for him when he touched down in the Cowboy State to meet up with the controversial rapper.

"It was dope man, going out there working with Ye. He got the f*ckin' chef, he got whole f*ckin' sh*t. It's motherf*ckin' donkeys and lambs running around," Benny said. Budden and his co-hosts wanted to know what kind of food Kanye's chef was whipping up in the kitchen. "Jamaican food. Real sh*t." He added that there were ATVs and Ye's property was wide-open land.

"It was like rappers and producers out there," Benny The Butcher added. "To be honest with you, I didn't record nothing like that. We were just kickin' it. Choppin' it up." Budden asked if there were any tracks that "spoke to" Benny. "I heard some sh*t. He played a whole bunch of sh*t. Some sh*t I would have rapped on but we never loaded it up. It was late. We was tired as f*ck."

Budden wanted to know if Ye ever told Benny the purpose of having him visit, and the Buffalo emcee said it seemed that Kanye may have wanted him to work on something, but there was a private plane full of White people that showed up. "Probably was some important sh*t that he had to tend to," said Benny. "I had to tend to some sh*t so I stayed for like two days." Check out the clip below.