The music industry as we know it took a massive hit after it became clear that live concerts were no longer a viable option due to COVID-19-related safety concerns. As such, artists were forced to step outside their comfort zone, experimenting by their trade via online live stream options -- a process that not every rapper was quick to adopt. And while it's not quite the same experience music fans have come to cherish, it does remain a solid alternative for fans and artists craving live music, even if it is from the comfort of one's own home.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Today, Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine have come together to announce a brand new collaborative concert event, marking their first time performing together since the release of What Would Chinegun Do in 2019. "The Butcher and The Machine," writes Benny, revealing the event on his Twitter page. "Tune into TIDAL on December 18th to watch me and @whoisconway perform live." 

For Griselda fans, it's likely that the concert will be must-watch material, especially given the triumphant year that both Conway and Benny have experienced in spite of all the hardship they faced. Musically, Machine and Butcher alike turned in excellent bodies of work, with both From King To A God and Burden Of Proof standing tall as two of 2020's best albums, period. Should you be interested in checking out the concert event, tune in to TIDAL on December 18th, at 8 PM EST.