After experiencing so much drama early on in their relationship, Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons seem to be getting along just fine now. When reports started breaking out about their relationship, a few stepping stones became evident in the form of Kendall's make-out session with Anwar Hadid and the cheating allegations stemming from Ben's previous coupledom with Tinashe. Now that the two have successfully made their way past the nonsense, they are advancing quickly with their bond. Perhaps taking a page out of Ariana and Pete's book in moving forward at a fast pace, Ben is seemingly trusting the process with Kendall. Just a few days ago, it was reported that the two were living together and now, it seems they're viewing other, more expensive properties, to settle down in.

According to TMZ, the couple could already be looking at upgrading their space, shelling out a cool $30K more than they're used to. We're sure the increase in price won't harm either the supermodel or the Philadelphia 76er's bank account. Simmons and Jenner are reportedly eyeing a more private spot than the one they are currently inhabiting. The Beverly Hills home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and sits on four acres of land, overlooking beautiful views of Los Angeles. The 4,000 square foot pad is reportedly pretty secluded and given Jenner's history of stalkers and attempted burglaries, that's not necessarily a bad decision.

The two seem to be moving forward pretty quickly. Hopefully, the 76ers aren't hit with the infamous Kardashian curse next season. Check out photos of the house here.