Antonio Brown had a very public exit out of Pittsburgh during the offseason and now, he is playing for the Oakland Raiders where he is causing some problems thanks to his helmet. One of the reasons why brown wanted out of Pittsburgh in the first place, was quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who he was feuding with towards the end of last season. It all started when Big Ben criticized Brown after a loss to the Denver Broncos. From then on, Brown was all over Roethlisberger and had some harsh words in the media for him.

“That's the type of guy he is. He feels like he's the owner,” Brown said. “Bro, you threw this s**t to the D-line. How the f**k am I going to run a better route? You need to give me a better ball.”

In an interview with Michele Tafoya of NBC Sports, Roethlisberger spoke about the situation and said he was sorry for how things played out.

“I wish I wouldn’t have done it,” the Steelers QB said. “I just got caught up in the emotion and heat of the battle.” Roethlisberger also said the whole thing ended up "[ruining] a friendship."

At this point, it doesn't seem like they'll ever be able to reconcile, but it's good to see Big Ben owning up to his mistakes. It will be interesting to see if Brown will do the same once his helmet situation finally blows over.