List fever continues to spread like wildfire. Following pitches for the "Best Rappers," the "Best RnB Singers," the "Best Social Media Influencers," Ben Baller decided to enter his hat in the race. Operating under the "write what you know" philosophy, Baller penned a list of the twenty-best jewelers of all time, naturally asserting himself as the be-all, end-all, the cream of the crop, the king-shit, the man in the high tower, the maker-of-chains. Given his pristine, and A$AP Ferg approved reputation, perhaps he's earned the position.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Rest assured, Ben isn't in this for a quick response. Alongside his list, he made sure to share his own perspective on the artform, breaking it down accordingly. "The greatest jewelers of all time is defined by how big an impact you made in the game," he begins. "Not how many pieces you made, but how creative and crazy your custom work is/was."

"Not by selling 500 iced out Cuban links or pre made diamond high end watches that were all set in China," he continues, sharing a few what-not-to-dos. "By never being corny and buying ads on blogs. How many people outside the jewelry game recognize your work. A big jeweler could make someone famous or even more famous than they already were." Given his own resume, Baller has no problem flexing on the competition. "I think if you can answers those questions fairly then you know who the king is."

Check out his top twenty, respectfully, below. Shout out to Jacob, the official ice provider of Def Jam: Fight For New York.