Ben and Jerry's is a famous ice cream company, but they aren't afraid to get political. Today is 4/20, a revered holiday for most stoners across the globe. Even if you smoke every day, 4/20 holds a special place in the hearts of pot smokers. To celebrate the holidays, many companies are running weed based campaigns, and out here in Los Angeles, dispensaries are managing amazing weed deals. Ben and Jerry's decided to celebrate in a different way though: by calling out the racial disparity in the justice system. 

In a video clip that runs for just under a minute, Ben and Jerry's addresses that fact that white millionaires are investing in weed, and states are reaping the benefits of the taxes on the plant. Still, a disproportionate amount of Black men sit in prison at this very moment for selling pot. How is this fair? Ben and Jerry's raises that question with their promo, and recommends that "legalization doesn't leave people of color behind." To make things even bolder, Ben and Jerry's asks that all weed charges be expunged for those who carry the damaging scar on their records. It's almost as if Ben and Jerry's knows their clientele is comprised of millions of stoners who love ice cream.