A few years ago, Bella Hadid was in a background role as her sister, Gigi, got much of the spotlight. The two models have now been celebrated equally in the fashion world as the supermodels are often viewed in the same light. Bella has been dating The Weeknd on and off for a few years now and they constantly make headlines for simply appearing in public together. The two can go out for ice cream and the story will get picked up. It shouldn't be a surprise that despite their complicated history, Bella is head-over-heels in love with Abel. She confirmed that much during her recent interview with Vogue.

The iconic magazine regularly does in-depth interviews with some of the most famous figures in the fashion world, asking a flurry of quick-paced questions. In under ten minutes, Vogue got in a total of 73 questions as Bella walked around her horse stable, reminiscing on her days as a rider. She showed off some of her horses as she brings up her boyfriend in two particular instances. When asked who makes her laugh the hardest and who she thinks is the most beautiful in her circle, she told the interviewer "My boyfriend."

In the video, she speaks on her modelling career, also revealing the most common misconception about her.