It's been three and half years since Chief Keef dropped "Don't Like," produced by Young Chop. Although "Don't Like" remains the defining song of the Chicago drill scene, much has changed for Chop -- he has produced for dozens of artists, and he started his own label Chop Squad Records. Oh, and he raps.

During a recent weekend trip to New York City, Young Chop came by the HNHH office to discuss his career. He was accompanied by his parents -- his mom is part of his management team, and she dozed off on the couch in the other room during the interview. Chop, who turned 22 on November 14th, was his usual gregarious, humorous self, even when discussing the recent incident at A3C in which a security guard rushed Chop on stage after Chop said, "y'all bitch-ass security need to stop it." The security guard managed to pull out one of Chop's dreads before getting rushed and quickly walloped by Chop's crew.

"Motherfuckers running up on me for what though?" Chop told HNHH, gesticulating wildly. "Because I said you was a bitch? You is a bitch! Take that. You said some things to me, and I took that. You feel me. But he was mad I said it to the whole club. Celebrities, all them niggas, he was tryna show out. And you want to know what’s killing me? What make him think that he was just gonna run up on stage and swing on me, and not think my people were gonna do shit. And think I'm not with that, you feel me? I have a lot of street niggas with me. Don’t ever get that confused. Just because I’m not with that, don’t mean I don’t have that with me. That’s where I come from."