For our inaugural 2015 edition of Behind The Beat, we're giving you the full scoop on a producer who you probably heard in 2014, just without knowing it. He is one of three names credited on Drake's ESPY-ready Johnny Manziel tribute, "Draft Day," which placed #25 on our Hottest Songs of 2014. And that wasn't even the only beat he helped commission for the 6-God last year. On both tracks, his name may be overshadowed by Boi-1da, who has recently emerged as a type of mentor to SykSense out of Nashville, never a hip-hop town. But make no mistake, Boi-1da knows talent when he sees it, and SykSense has already showcased his skills on his own and apart from his Toronto OVO affiliate. He can produce sounds for rapper's of all regional styles and sounds, even dabbling into R&B territory with seamless transition à la his aforementioned biggest client. Here's a round-up of what he's done in his young career to keep you going while awaiting his bigger projects that are sure to grace us in the near future.