C-Sick has been one of Chicago's hardest working producers for quite a few years now, and within the last little while, his name has begun to catch up with his impressive body of work. Recently working with artists like Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and Chance The Rapper, as well as keeping up relationships with longtime collaborators King Louie and Logic, the producer is more recognized than he's ever been, but his work ethic has remained the same throughout.

As present as Chicago's history is in his music, C-Sick actually spent the first ten years of his life in France. His mother, who grew up in Chicago, studied overseas, where she met the producer's father and started a family. When the two divorced 15 years later, C-Sick's mother decided to bring him and his two sisters back to her hometown, which is where he began making music.

C-Sick went from casual experiments in juke and footwork to working with Nas in just a few years time. We spoke to him about his beat battle victories, growing up alongside greats like Chance The Rapper, and some of his most well-known production placements. Click through the galleries to read his story.