6ix was in his last semester at University of Maryland when he got a phone call from Logic, who had just signed a deal with Visionary Music Group. “The label wants me to come out to LA,” Logic told him. “I want you out there with me. Let’s fucking move!”

At this point, 6ix had nearly completed his pre-med requirements. He was going to go to medical school and become a doctor like his father. (His mother is an engineer.) But when Logic called him, he didn’t think twice. He informed his parents that he would be dropping out of school. Three days later, he packed up his worldly possessions and moved to Los Angeles to begin his career as a professional hip hop producer.

6ix had been making beats for two months when he met Logic at at beat battle in DC in 2011. “I thought I was terrible,” 6ix recalls. But Logic was digging his musical steez enough to invite him over to his Godmother’s house, where he was staying at the time. With 6ix’s assistance, Logic slowly generated regional and then national buzz on the strength of his Young Sinatra mixtape series. “I remember when one of the songs first hit like 5,000 views on YouTube,” 6ix says, as if remembering the good old days. “We’re like, ‘Yo! This is crazy!’”

By the time Logic got his deal with Visionary, 6ix was his go-to producer and most trusted collaborator. He produced eight songs apiece on Logic’s 2014 debut album Under Pressure and his 2015 follow-up The Incredible True Story (which can be conveniently shortened to the acronym TITS.

Since moving to LA in 2013, he has resided in a house with Logic and Logic’s wife. After racking up a sizeable debt from long studio hours working on Under Pressure, they built a spartan home studio, comprised of two Yamaha speakers, a Shure SM-7 microphone, and a simple audio interface. It turned out to be a wise investment -- 6ix estimates that 50 to 60% of TITS was recorded at the crib. “Literally, I just wake up and start making beats,” he says.

Despite the close creative partnership he shares with Logic, 6ix endeavors to expand his personal brand in 2016 and beyond. Reclined easily on a black couch in the HNHH studio, wearing a simple black baseball cap and stroking his dark beard thoughtfully, he is unsure how much information he is “allowed” to divulge. His diverse production style has caught the ear of Pusha T. While he has already produced for artists like Dizzy Wright, Sylvan LaCue, & Michael Christmas, 6ix is known first, second, and third as Logic’s right-hand man. To this point, he has lived (quite happily) in Logic’s shadow. It won’t be long before that changes.

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