For the past few days, a "Flacko Jodye Season" countdown has been running. At midnight last night, the countdown revealed a brand new A$AP Rocky video, and upon first watch, the biggest takeaway was the rapper's shots fired at clothing brand, BEEN TRILL.

The track contained some lines Rocky teased at A$AP Ferg's Coachella performance last year. “I ain’t really fuckin’ with that BEEN TRILL, swear that shit is booty like Tip Drill,” Flacko raps. “I ain’t really into throwing shots, but these motherfuckers better gimme my props!."

While it hasn't even been a day since the A$AP leader went at the brand, BEEN TRILL co-founder Heron Preston has responded to the diss on Instagram, and he's even made a t-shirt out of a particular moment in the video.

The designer took Rocky to task for dissing a clothing brand, pointing out that the days of 'rapper on rapper' beef were over, and perhaps the genre has 'lost it's edge'. His new shirt, which he calls the 'Tip Drill' tee depicts Rocky standing in front of the exed out BEEN TRILL logo from the "Multiply" video, and doesn't look all that different from something the brand might normally put out.

You can read his full response below.

what happened to rapper on rapper beef? the days of biggie vs tupac & jay z vs nas are over. Remember how Nas's "Ether" or Tupac "Hit Em Up" made you feel? Remember what that meant for rap music? The fact that a rapper dissed a clothing company is a huge sign of the times. does that mean rap is boring? has rap lost it's edge? Today, power in music is style. power is fashion. Let's keep this shit shocking and competitive! this is how you push things forward. and the song/video is good. let's continue to shake shit up! our culture needs it.

The shirt can be viewed in the gallery above. Will Rocky retaliate?