BEEDIE "Cold Hearted" (Music Video)

HNHH Staff
April 08, 2014 11:53

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Watch the latest music video from Beedie called "Cold Hearted".
Beedie's new EP "Nine" comes out this May 2014!

Produced by Christo & DJ Huggy
Directed & Edited by Matt Meehan
Written & arranged by Beedie
Recorded & Mixed by DJ Huggy

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So peep how I operate,
They peepin mines and stop ya tape.
Wonder why I ain't friends with them, them rappers actually ovulate.
Overrated, it's not ya day.
Fuck errybody, pardon me.
I'm takin' my aim, aimin' off.
I paid the charge, y'all take a loss.
Cherish it, y'all made it yours.
Plus it's a brand new day tomorrow.
I don't worry bout the talk that they run by.
Smart enough to walk but I'm dumb fly.
I ain't really had to floss in a long time,
And come full force. Bullseye.
The Honda look like a steam room.
And I ain't smoke yet, I need to.
It's been a long time, I seen you, runnin' through where my dreams do.
Alone at home where my own is.
Out my mind, I'm zonin'.
With a half ounce at home in,
Or out where I'm roamin'.
What an amazing fluke. Made my way till they changed the rules.
I'm just makin' due. Paid my dues, but they'd take em too.
Find me in the streets alone.
Sometime it's hard to find peace at home.
A lotta y'all wrote me off, and tried rope me off, but I'm beastin' though.

You say I'm playin' games
I swear I didn't change
I remain the same
Got a chip up on my shoulder
Chip up on my shoulder
You say I'm playin' games
Standin' in the way
Doin' what I can just to make it through the day
Got a chip up on my shoulder
Chip up on my shoulder

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