The Beastie Boys love is so real, even when you're big stars like Questlove and Jimmy Fallon. The surviving members of the hip hop group, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horvitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond, video chatted with the late night host and The Roots frontman from the comfort of their own homes on Thursday. During the half hour interview, Mike D and Ad-Rock reminisced with Questlove about the good ol' days, much of which is explored in the duo's new documentary, Beastie Boys Story. Questlove got to see the doc prior to its official Apple TV+ release date on April 24th, and while he loved it, he did have one complaint: not enough love was given to their 1989 album, Paul's Boutique. "That record was everything," Questlove declared. "Even more than License To Ill. I feel that that record is your magnum opus."

Beastie Boys Questlove Adam “Ad-Rock” Horvitz Michael “Mike D” Diamond The Roots The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon reminisce tour Paul’s BoutiqueRoger Kisby/Getty Images

“It’s not that I think anything less of Paul’s Boutique," Mike D went on to say."What we remember about our records are not the things that are good about them. Like, there’s a song on Paul’s Boutique…“What Comes Around”. We clearly should have left that song off that album.” Questlove later told a story about running into the late Adam Yauch alone at a party many years ago. “He’s talking to us about enlightenment and how his life has changed, all these things,” Quest recalled. “And me and Kamal [Gray] just looked at each other like, ‘Oh wow, this isn’t going to be a tour with girls? It’s going to be about responsibility and spirituality?’” Catch the full interview below: