Former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel has continued to taunt Jay-Z by blasting his former rap boss with a freestyle diss at a Maryland concert.

Reciting the same diss he performed at a Philadelphia concert last February, Beans and his entourage once again taunted Hov at Baltimore's Sonar nightclub this past weekend.

"Lost the Best of Both Worlds, you could of called R. Kelly," Beans rapped, "Mister 2-3, since he's got the arch already, you supposed to pass that Roc when the ball got heavy/Instead he's getting picked at half court already -- he 45 and playing for the Wizards already/Stop stalling, let's get it already/Number one rap recording would have spit it already/I'm a nightmare and will show up in your dreams like Freddy/Sigel, Desert Eagle Arc heavy, already/N*ggas is running scared already/Memph Bleek peed the sheets and leave the bed all wetty..."