Last November, it was with a heavy heart that it was reported that Lil Yase, a Bay Area rapper and pioneer in the new wave of West Coast rap, had tragically passed away at the age of 25. Although details about the cause of death were scarce at the time of his passing, new developments have revealed that Lil Yase was actually murdered. 

Earlier this week on Tuesday, April 27, two people were reportedly arrested for their suspected involvement in Lil Yase's death. According to VladTV, the suspects were two 28-year-olds named Jovante Williams and Angel Butler. Crime scene technicians have revealed that DNA found on a shell casing from the gun used to shoot Yase, born Alexander Mark Antonyyo Jr., were eventually linked back to Butler and Williams.

As for the motive, VladTV reports that an allegedly fatal love triangle was the ultimate driving force behind Lil Yase's murder. The late Bay Area rapper was reportedly romantically involved with Angel Butler, who was simultaneously seeing Jovante Williams. According to VladTV, Dublin police Captain Nate Schmidt revealed that Lil Yase made a dying declaration about his killers shortly before passing away in the hospital. 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this tragic situation. Rest in peace, Lil Yase.