Tsu Surf was hospitalized after being shot on Thursday night (July 25) in Newark, New Jersey. According to sources, the battle rapper has undergone surgery and has since been in stable condition and appears to be awake.

"Ultimately, he's fine, he's in the recovery stage now," Tsu's manager Quadir tells XXL. "Happy to still have him here being that he was shot five times. Right now, we thanking God, wishing for a speedy recovery. He'll be fine it's just gonna take him some time. He's not doing no publicity, not doing anything with social media, he's not glorifying the moment. We thank everyone who genuinely reached out."

For those unfamiliar with the emcee, Tsu Surf has steadily risen in the ranks of top tier talent in the arena of battle rap, particularly putting on for his hometown of Newark, with his battles on the SMACK/URL platform amassing millions of views.

“He will pull thru,” Quadir went on to write on Twitter. “Just another day in Newark. I Appreciate everyone who’s showing concern. My boy a survivor! Expect more pain in his music. This is the life we go thru to make it to the TOP!”

Activity on Tsu Surf’s personal Twitter page has been back to its usual beat as well with Surf tweeting out, “Five times tho…damn this just sound and feel crazy.” He also went on make not of being grateful to be alive adding, “Waking up is so exciting regardless of how I feel when I wake up.”