Battle rap is a no-holds-bars kind of game which probably explains why a lot of new artists don't participate -- there's too much to lose. In fact, anyone who engages in battle rap will surely be subjected to humiliation, depending on how much ammo their opponent has in the stash. The legacy of some of hip-hop's most revered emcees has been scorned in the middle of a battle (see Canibus vs Dizaster).

Things got incredibly heated during the Bar4Bar Rap Battle League when Queen Vixen and Ms Hustle went toe-to-toe. While the two went back-and-forth firing shots at each other during the battle, Ms Hustle elevated the level of disrespect when she went through the vault and found a leaked nude of Queen Vixen. Admittedly, the set-up was flawless as Ms Hustle went in on Vixen.

"To be a Queen, there's a couple of rules you hoes must follow/ Like, stop comin' to battles lookin' like you drunk off hard liquor/ And you ain't got the best body so when they say get in position/ I don't think the job fits ya/ And stop posting you nudes, thinkin' these n***as gon' spar witcha/ You done fucked up, your luck sucks/ Queen, I'm just tryna show you the large picture," she rapped before bringing out a poster-size printout of Queen Vixen's leaked nude.

Hustle wasn't done. "I looked at your Throwback Thursdays to see if you looked like a vixen/ But you never did/ Bitch, you look like Ms. Piggy, Shrek, Peppa Pig."

Vixen was a good sport about it as she showed no shame in her game. What she lacked in theatrics, she made up for in confidence.

Peep the battle here.