The Arkham games changed the entire superhero video game genre. Batman was free to soar around Gotham City, and his Batmobile was even included in the last game. Marvel's recent Spider-Man game drew influence from the Arkham series, and expanded on the progress of open-world superhero games. Still, DC's series was darker and more detective based, bringing in noir elements to help sell the narrative. Nothing truly compares to prowling the streets of Gotham, and a new tweet from Arkham developer Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer Valerie Vezina has fans speculating about the future of the franchise. 

Vezina posted a picture of her wearing a shirt with a symbol that looks similar to the Court of Owls logo. The group is somewhat new to Batman lore, but The Court Of Owls and The City Of Owls became two of the best stories to come from DC in the last decade. As the comics describe them, the Court of Owls is an ancient group of Gotham's wealthiest families. They manipulate politics and world events, much like DC's version of the Illuminati. They know Batman's identity, and were close to defeating him for good. If WB Montreal is working on a game starring the villains, then they may have another hit on their hands.