The Batman: Arkham game series delivered some of the best superhero video game experiences ever. The main trilogy is the brainchild of Rocksteady, and the rumor mill has churned out some new information regarding the company. According to Comicbook.comvia PlayStation Lifestylea new Arkham game may be on the way from the developer. A leak sprung via a game tester, who claims the new title will be called Batman: Arkham Crisis. Keep in mind that these are all rumors, but if the game tester is correct, we will be blessed with the new game in the Fall. 

Some of the leaked details sound too good to be true. The game tester claims to have played Arkham Crisis, and says it will be the most in-depth story in the franchise so far. Allegedly, there are 12 acts in the main story, each being around an hour long. The Batwing will be available for combat and transportation use, and the rumored villains are the Court of Owls. A co-op mode with side missions will also be included. Others details hint at a possible day/night time shift, and a map larger than Grand Theft Auto V. Batman Arkham Crisis is rumored to be announced in March. We can't wait.