Warner Bros. and DC are trying to rebuild their movie universe. After the success of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. may have gotten ahead of themselves. They followed those two decent films with Suicide Squad and Justice League, which were two movies audiences and critics criticized heavily. In the midst of the bombs, Wonder Woman stood out as a bright spot. The upcoming Aquaman looks amazing as well. Obviously, there is work to be done with the DCEU. While Warner Bros. and DC reshuffle their deck, some of their main stars are being left in the dust. 

As reported by Varietythe studio has halted all plans for Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill starring superhero movies. Affleck and Cavill play Batman and Superman, respectively. "The studio is not moving forward with Batman and Superman movies featuring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, respectively," reads the report.  "It is expected to recast the Dark Knight with a different actor."

Affleck recently did a stint in rehab for excessive drinking, and came out with high hope to put on the Bat-Suit again. Warner Bros. has other plans in mind though, as they play with The Joker's history in a standalone film, and build a female-powered group of vigilantes in Gotham City Sirens.