The term "ankle breaker" gets thrown around a lot during basketball season, but it's hardly ever taken literally.

If Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry shakes a defender and makes him lose his balance in the slightest, it's typically dubbed an ankle-breaker. And there's nothing wrong with that.

But when it comes to Filipino basketball player Kevin Ferrer, he literally broke a dude's ankles. 

During a game between Philippines and Iraq in the 2017 William Jones Cup, which is an international tournament held annually in Taiwan, Ferrer hit Iraq’s Hussein Talib with a cross that left him writhing in pain and in need of being carried off the floor.

The worst part is, the clock was winding down and the game was already in hand, all he had to do was let Ferrer dribble out the remaining seconds and he walks off that court with perfectly healthy ankles.

Check out the footage below.