In the midst of shutting it down on his Milky Way tour, Bas took a moment to talk shop with Power 106 Los Angeles. When asked about Dreamville's rising success, the rapper seems confident that the road ahead will be ripe with splendor. "I think it's years of being consistent, going on the road, building your core fanbase," explains Bas. "Putting out solid projects, everyone is a believer in that. That's how we built our fanbase. There's definitely a tide turning. As far as how much attention we're garnering now. The amount of success, whether it's me, JID, Ari Lennox, EarthGang, you're seeing a lot of our acts step out on their own. Everything's clicking up."

Cruz proceeds to ask whether Cole, given his top tier status, should still be doling out subs at this juncture; it's time to say names, he concludes. Bas begs to differ, at least to an extent. "They gotta be strategic cause they are upper echelon," he reflects. "You can't just throw around names cause you're kicking up a lot of dust. Hov' was dubbing everybody, Dre. That's part of being at the top."

While the conversation is entertaining throughout, Bas takes a moment to shout out Cardi B, explaining that a collaboration would be a welcome prospect. "I love Cardi," he says, before alluding to a possible collab between the Invasion Of Privacy rapper and the Dreamville team. "I think it's definitely going to happen. Her and Cole met a few times, it was good energy. She just tweeted about "Middle Child." Maybe she need to get on the remix."