Bas' "Pinball II" Visuals Add Cinematic Flair To An Impressive Banger

Mitch Findlay
June 05, 2018 17:47

Dreamville's Bas drops an impressive video for "Pinball II."

Dreamville rappers simply have a way with words. Such is no different when it comes to Bas, who dropped the slept on "Pinball II" back in April. Now, the lyrically gifted Queens rapper has added a visual component to his latest banger, teaming up with director Andrew Nisinson and The Fiends to bring his vision to life. The end result is a stylistic blend of gritty New York realism and heightened cinematic flair.

As the clip progresses, a loose narrative depicts the rise and fall of Bas, who goes on to witness his own funeral; some of the clip's strongest visuals arrive as a result. There's a lot to take in here, and repeated viewings are probably necessary to take in the entire picture. One particular shot featuring a damned supper stands out, as does the raucous moment of squad camaraderie around 1:20.

Not only is the track a banger, but the video actually adds a welcome layer to the mix. Shout out to Bas and Dreamville for this one. 

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