It seems as if Dreamville's entire roster is in the midst of a winning streak. Perhaps none more so than the Fiend himself, big Bas, who turned in many strong performances on the gold Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 album. Some might even say he put in work the hardest on "Down Bad," though that's a debate for another day. In any case, Bas, is looking to pick up where Milky Way left off, continuing his pattern of lactose-themed albums with another new chapter. 

 Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Bas took to Twitter to unveil the imminent arrival of Spilled Milk Vol 1, sharing a brief visual clip of the previously released lead single "Fried Rice," featuring fellow Dreamvillian J.I.D. Though we've already heard the banger numerous times by now, the fact that it serves as the first offering bodes well for the album's overall quality. Versatile though he may be, Bas unleashed is never a bad thing, and we can only hope Spilled Milk Vol 1 finds him going in on numerous occasions.

Check back on August 9th for that new Bas album, and given the fact that this is but one chapter of a greater series, let your cup runneth over with more milk than ever before.