Bas Airs The "Barack Obama Special" While In Exile

Bas -  Barack Obama Special

  August 26, 2018 11:51
Barack Obama Special
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"The only way to go is the milky way, my boy."

Bas' music really speaks to liberally-minded individuals in the same vein in which Obama addressed his nation. The message is lightly pronounced and the production is quaint, never once does Bas show himself to be seething with rage. Milky Way is like a captivating book you are poised to read at the beach. To some extent "Barack Obama Special" is like the underlying message of said book, a book that aptly describes the scene you just fled.

Bas' wouldn't be the first artist to derive inspiration from the two-term President, even Young Jeezy joined the parade momentarily before reverting back to his regular shtick. Bas' nod to Obama includes his reason for leaving the country: a general atmosphere left unprotected by racist minglers.

At certain points on "Barack Obama Special" his message gets muddied by tangential information, but he always catches himself before falling trap to a mine. The song works on two levels, as a letter of approval for Barack, and as a conditional statement on  failed Racial Integration, all done in an unassuming way.

Quotable Lyrics:

How I maintain empty bottles in the silver buckets, say it's luck
Come and spend the day with us
I've been up the past 48, first 48 going great
Forty states in forty in days, got them motherfuckas goin' crazy
When all they waitin' on is me and I be waitin' on the scene


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