Bartender sisters who were allegedly attacked by Cardi B were reportedly banned from the strip club they were working at because they complained about the incident involving the "Bodak Yellow" rapper. 

The siblings, named Rachel Wattley and Sarah Wattley go by Baddie Gi and Jade. The women are aged 21 and 23 respectively. They claim to have been victimized in an attack launched by Cardi B and her entourage which first began when Cardi threw a hookah pipe and drinking glasses at them. Cardi's crew allegedly followed her actions by throwing chairs and bottles at the bartenders leaving them with significant injuries. The brawl is said to have been sparked by Cardi's belief that one of the sisters slept with her husband, Offset

A lawyer for the Wattleys, Joe Tacopina, said that the sisters have not been allowed to return the strip club where they used to work as a result of the incident. He told The Washington Post, “they were told they can’t work there because of the complaint they made against Cardi B." He went on to reveal, “They have text messages [that] say that from the club." Tacopina also denied the accusation that either one of the women slept with Offset

Cardi B did turn herself earlier this week and was charged with one count of third-degree assault and two counts of reckless endangerment. The Bronx rapper will appear in criminal court on October 29.

Catch a few pictures of Baddie Gi and Jade below.