For the fourth year running, Baron Davis is running his mouth about an NBA comeback, and although it's a feel-good story I'd readily get behind, I'm beginning to lose faith. But maybe just maybe, Baron can squeeze something together with the Golden State Warriors, especially if Patrick McCaw remains unsigned. Let's examine what's at stake here.

First off, Baron Davis never officially retired. He was forced to sit and watch from the sidelines due to a debilitating injury, not because he lost his touch for the game. To his credit, he keeps in shape, he plays regularly with pro-level players, and yes, he has ties to the Golden State Warriors' organization.

On the flip side, he is 39 years old, and I did mention his injuries woes did I not?

That hasn't stop Baron from pleading his case to recorders, the most recent, a conversation Matt Steinmetz, led to him attaining National coverage for his open-call solicitations. The earliest point in which Baron considered a comeback was back in 2014 when he slipped his message to the media during Summer League play in Vegas. 

A team might offer Baron Davis a goodwill workout, which he would have to leverage into a 10-day contract, and another, and so on so forth. Like I said before, I'm all for the Baron Davis comeback story, so long as he isn't merely taking the piss.