In the wake of Nipsey Hussle's tragic murder, people of note from all walks of life, from hip-hop, to sports, to even law enforcement have spoken out with an overwhelming showing of support towards Nipsey and his legacy. The NBA has taken the news especially hard, with athletes such as Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry paying tribute to the late artist and philanthropist. 

Last night, former NBA player Baron Davis appeared on TNT's Players Only and spoke about Nipsey's influence in his hometown of Los Angeles. Davis was clearly emotional over the whole situation and offered some heartfelt words about what kind of person Nipsey was, as well as how much he meant to the people in L.A.

Per NBA on TNT:

"Growing up in LA, there are incredible people, but angels only come so often. We watched him grow up through the struggle that we all grew up in. But as a young man, he was sharp. As an adult, he became responsible. As a father and a husband, he became a leader and our leader in LA. So when you see Russ, DeMarr, Kawhi, Trevor Ariza, James Harden, honoring this man, it's because he led by example. Lot of us come up in the 2pac generation and 2pac talked about all the things he wanted to do in the community. Nipsey Hussle did it. Nipsey Hussle was there."

The latest NBA player to honor Nipsey Hussle was JR Smith, who got a tattoo of the rapper's face on his leg.