Update: The death count has risen to thirteen, and the injured count to fifty.

In a recent development, tragedy has struck in Barcelona, Spain. CNN reports that a van was driven into a crowd on Las Ramblas avenue, which was alive with tourists and locals alike. While the attack claimed the life of one pedestrian, the death count is sadly projected to rise, as Catalan interior minister Joaquim Forn informed press that many were left in critical condition. Police have cordoned off the area, and are treating the attack as potential terrorism. All events in the area have been cancelled, as has public transportation.

As of now, President Donald Trump has tweeted out his support for Spain, writing:

It's a tragic story, especially in the wake of another case of vehicular homicide in Charlottesville, which left Heather Heyer dead. As for the attack in Barcelona, the reports are still incoming. The Spanish government has asked not to post pictures of the dead out of respect for their families, so that request will be honored here.

As for the suspect, CNN reports that local police have arrested one man, and since confirmed that it was indeed a terror attack. This story is still developing.