Malia Obama may be living the life as a student at one of the most prestigious schools in the United States of America, but recently it was New York City where she was able to add some serious sizzle to her love life recently. 

According to TMZ, she and her rumored boyfriend were spotted roaming the streets of SoHo together, taking advantage of the milder temperatures that hit the East Coast this weekend and taking a bite out of the Big Apple together. Check out a photo of them below, courtesy of the gossip outlet:

Both Malia and supposed love interest, British student Rory Farquharson, reside at Harvard University, which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There's been no confirmation if the two are a serious couple or not, nor how long they've been dating if this is in fact a steady romantic relationship. However, the two seem to be pretty willing to partake in some public lip-locking, as witnessed by another TMZ vidoe, which you can check out below.

Rory's position, as a male suitor for the daughter of the former Commander-in-Chief, is definitely one where he may have to prove himself to the patriarch of one of America's best-known families. Obama has always professed to have a close relationship with his daughters and told David Letterman that he was an emotional wreck when it was time to drop Malia off at college.

Here's hoping that the youngster's new beau stays in the former President's good books, should the two become a long-term item.