Barack Obama recently linked up with a group of Under Armour guys for a legendary round of golf in Dallas, Texas which included the world's #2 golfer Jordan Spieth, 2x-NBA champion Stephen Curry, and the brand's CEO, Kevin Plank. 

During Spieth's appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," he gave some details about the star-studded golf outing with Obama, particularly an alien joke the former President made on the 7th hole.

As Spieth explained,

"I asked him a question ... 'President Obama, what's kind of the one thing that you would tell a president-elect? What's the one thing you weren't prepared for in your two terms?'"

Spieth says Obama went on a long "spiel" about the responsibility of the US president to not only run the country, but to also be the first to respond to global affairs and set an example for the people. 

"Right before he goes to hit his putt," Spieth said, "he goes, 'And you won't believe what the aliens look like.'"

Spieth said Obama sank his putt and walked away, winking at him.

Presidents' have long been rumored to know about the existence of alien life forms, so the fact Obama casually dropped that line with 11 holes of golf still to play was clearly a clever tactic to gain a competitive advantage over Spieth. And it sounds like it worked.

In addition to the quip about aliens, Spieth also spoke about how Obama drained a difficult 10-foot putt on the final hole, because he never misses when there's a crowd watching him on 18. 

Spieth told Corden,

“We had a two-on-two match, it came down to the last hole. And the President had a 10-foot double-breaking putt — this is my home course and I’ve never seen anybody make the putt. And a small crowd had gathered like you’d expect. He kind of said, ‘When there’s a crowd on the last hole, I never miss.’ He steps up and knocks in … perfect speed, right in the middle of the hole.”

Check out the full clip from below.