Yesterday was Barack Obama's birthday and, on twitter, it was an occasion for some melancholy nostalgia. A huge amount of celebrities and civilians alike tweeted their thanks and admiration to the President who many Americans now miss so dearly or, as Kendrick Lamar says, "we lost Barack and promised not to doubt him again." Maybe #ObamaDay will become a national holiday some day.

The most posting was done by Common who calls Obama, in one of his tweets, "My President," and attached a great photo of Obama and his Kehinde Wiley presidential portrait:

Common couldn't stop at one, he went off:

Joe Biden, a half of one of the cutest friendships to of all time, called Obama his "brother,"

Dr J. even posted a photo of him and Barack "the interceptor" Obama measuring hands (can Obama palm a basketball? Probably):

The one person who wasn't happy with Obama day was, predictably, the current president, who posted a birthday message to the coast guard instead of Barry:

Thankfully Pete Souza, Obama's former photographer, had a nice teardown of Mr. Trump:

Happy Birthday, Barack!