BAPE has unveiled a new capsule collection comprised of MA-1 flight jackets emblazoned with their shark motif. These garments are specifically designed for the colder months, and are rendered in a colour palette consisting of black, olive green, and a grey/beige hybrid hue. 

The pieces will be adorned with the shark print, which will be placed quite prominently on the front of the jackets. The right sleeve will be decorated with the acronym "WGM," which stands for World Gone Mad, while the lower left sleeve will contain the brand's traditional "A" lettering in a tiger print. 

This limited run capsule collection will be available in select retail stores beginning January 27th, as well as on their e-commerce website. 

BAPE has also recently released a collection that includes a line of "patched" clothing for their upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 outing. The selection will include hoodies, bombers, jeans, hats and other accessories that will sure to make its wearer stand out in any crowd.