One of the world's most illusive and intriguing artists has made an appearance yet again. This time, in New York City. World-renowned, Banksy visited the city to show off his latest stencil work. Using his signature rat figure, he placed it within the confines of a broken clock. It's already being visited by fans.

The artist visited Greenwich Village for his latest piece of art. The rat appears to be running within the face of the clock, leading people to believe it's a depiction of the "rat race." The clock is also atop a bank, signifing this struggle we have as a nation. The piece was confirmed to be real by Banksy's official Instagram account.

Art enthusiasts are excited about this event. The last time Banksy has been known to be in NYC is for his "Better Out Than In" exhibition. For 31 days, his art was popping up around the city. If you're a fan of the artist, you better check it out now. The building is set for demolition; a fitting ending for his work.

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