Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh passed away in March, 2016, in a shooting outside a recording studio. Despite it being over two years since his death, it's possible that the violence surrounding his death is continuing even now. 

According to WXIA-TV in Atlanta, last night Bankroll's family home was the target of a drive-by shooting. Inside the house were two of Bankroll's family members; his mother, and his cousin, Amanda Weaver. Reports say that the shooter fired almost 20 rounds from a semi-automatic, high-powered rifle into the house's bedroom, where Weaver and her aunt were present. While Bankroll's mother was uninjured in the shooting, Weaver was grazed by bullets on her shoulder and thigh, and taken to the hospital without serious injury.

In a report from WSB-TV, Atlanta police speak of the incident as a senseless act of violence. 

"It’s a really senseless act, a complete disregard for human life," Atlanta Police Captain, Andrew Senzer told the station. "Very fortunate that she was not injured more severely or killed." 

An investigation into the shooting has begun, but police will not speculate as to whether the drive-by had anything to do with Bankroll's death in 2016. According to Bankroll's childhood friend who goes by the name, No Plug, Bankroll was the first person to shoot in the incident that led to his death, and that whoever shot him did so in self-defense. If the shooting was related to Bankroll, hopefully the rest of his family can be left out of it in the future.

You can watch the reports from the drive-by shooting down below.