Producer  Bangaldesh originally sued Cash Money Records for failing to properly compensate him with royalties. Bangadlesh is the producer of Lil Wayne's  "A Milli" in 2008, as well as "6 Foot, 7 Foot," last year, and Nicki Minaj's "Did It On 'Em."

However, the producer has since resolved his problems with YMCMB, as he told MTV News on Tuesday,  "We just did some nice business together. They just bought a whole bunch of tracks, that's about it," Bang said. "They gave me a song deal, basically, first song deal I ever had, so shouts out to Cash Money."

"Everybody respects each other, and real recognizes real. At the end of the day, the work is solid, so everybody wants to be in business with each other," the Atlanta producer said. "Our issues, we resolved the issues, so it was time to move on past that and do other business.

"I think it's really big," Bangladesh added. "It's a big step, because it went from negative to positive, so you could show people that you can always work things out."