You might remember Bam Margera for some of his Jackass antics, like beating up his own father or branding his own ass with an iron poker. If so, you probably know that the Jackass boys are no strangers to a little bit of inebriation. And while he previously dealt with alcohol abuse in the past, Bam had actively tried to get sober, going so far as to live a dry life up until last year. Unfortunately for Bam and his loved ones, TMZ reports that the Jackass slash Viva La Bam star was arrested for a DUI yesterday morning, and from the sound of it, he seemed to be asking to be caught. 

Apparently, Bam was passing a couple of police officers who were in the middle of stopping another vehicle. As he passed, Bam slowed down to speak to the officers, who immediately smelled the strong odor of alcohol on him. They proceeded to pull him over and give Bam a sobriety test, which he failed. After booking him for a DUI, they reportedly set the bail for $15,000 dollars. He has since been released. 

You might recall that Bam's friend and former Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn previously passed away during a drunk driving accident. For fans of the mindless yet entertaining series, Dunn's passing was a tragic one. It's sad to see Bam partaking in the same behavior that ultimately proved so fatal, and hopefully he look to his family and get his mind right.