Given that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has yet to show any signs of letting up, barring the best efforts of one Martin Shkreli, it's been feeling like an increasingly dangerous time to be alive. Not only are we forced to contend with a potentially fatal virus, but also a rapidly crashing economy, the maddening throes of cabin fever, and a disturbing increase in people weaponizing their bodily fluids.

Today, TMZ has highlighted an unsettling act committed by a Baltimore police sergeant, who deemed it appropriate conduct to cough on a woman heckling his appearance. "Hey officer Friendly with the cherry cheeks," begins the woman, only to be met with a barrage of phlegmy-sounding coughs from the officer in question.

Naturally, the incident has proceeded to gain attention, prompting a response from Baltimore PD spokeswoman Lindsey Eldridge  "We have viewed the video, in its entirety, and believe it warranted being forwarded to the Public Integrity Bureau for an internal investigation," she explains, though TMZ claims that the Sargeant remains on active duty as of now.

It should also be noted that it's as of yet unclear whether the offending Sargeant was ever tested for COVID-19 to begin with -- either way, such reckless behavior is not only in poor taste, but quite possibly dangerous on a variety of levels. Check out the video below, and sound off in the comment section.