The world, particularly millennials, fell in love with Bernie Sander last year during his presidential campaign. Though things didn't work out for him in his run for office, he has continued to fight for social justice and win over the hearts of millions with his genuine and relentless character.

Now it looks like his likeness is being recognized and used as inspiration in the fashion industry as Balenciaga's Fall 2017 collection appears to take notes from the Vermont senator's presidential campaign. The collection features several sweatshirts and bomber jackets that closely resemble Sander's logo and mimic the embroidered script designs.

Sanders seemed to be very pleased with the collection and chuckled with a bashful joy at the photos in a TV interview saying "I think of my many attributes, being a great dresser or a fashion maven is not one of them."

You can check out the video clip below and peep the full collection from Balenciaga here.