Baker Mayfield has had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the media throughout his first two seasons with the Cleveland Browns although there has been more hate than love. Whenever a question is asked that he doesn't like, he is extremely vocal about it and as it turns out, so is his wife. Emily Wilkinson has been Mayfield's ride or die for a while now and after the Brown recent loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, she took to Twitter to give a reporter a piece of her mind.

Mary Kay Cabot had asked Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens about his "Pittsburgh Started It" T-Shirt and Wilkinson took exception to that, writing "Why is this the focus of your questions? MUCH more to focus on than that." Cabot quickly came back and replied to Wilkinson, noting that she asked Baker the same question and that it was all positive.

When pressed about her stance by a fan, Wilkinson doubled down saying the focus should have been more football oriented. It's obvious she is simply standing up for her husband and his team although the fan and the reporter make a solid point.

What do you think of Wilkinson's response? Was it justified or is this not a big deal?